Yelp Event – “Stitches and Hos”

Firstly I want to apologise that this is a little late. I have come down with a cold/cough and feeling a little under the weather. I also have to write about our trip to London which happened ages ago but..yeah. Life has been a little stressful recently but that’s why I am going to write about all the FUN things we have been upto!

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Me and Charlie got invited to a Yelp event promoting Stitches and Hos knitting/sewing circle, along with Vedett beer. The event was hosted by Cherry Red’s which is a pretty amazing venue hidden away in Birmingham. We sat at the back sharing a table with a lovely couple who we pretty much got chatting to all night! There were amazing cherry cupcakes, I think it was one of the tastiest cupcakes I ever ate in my life.

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The Stitches and Hos guys were really nice, friendly and most importantly patient with us lot who had never touched wool before. We got to make pom poms using some…device for making pom poms. I actually found that really relaxing to do, and I am tempted to pick up one of the things to sit and wrap wool around it! I never would of thought I would of enjoyed it, but I gave it a go and proved myself wrong!

Vedett beer. Now I am not a big beer/lager drinker, so I couldn’t compare the taste to anything. But I can say I actually DID like it. It was really light and refreshing, would of really complimented a curry haha! We also had our photos taken to be put on the actual beer bottles…so who knows, you might see our faces on some beer one day.

After the event we stayed around for another beer (Vedett of course!) and honestly I would say I would happily go again to the venue, I’d probably go knitting too, I mean it might come in handy one day?  Also, excuse my mainly hidden face, I had just come from work. Also free hat!

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