Wig Review – Uniqso Lolita Bobo Wig A

The wig I am reviewing in this post was supplied by Uniqso but the views expressed in this post are my own. Please don’t forget when you order to use the code “1000014” for 10% off! The lenses mentioned are also Uniqso but were not sponsored.
To note; I have naturally light eyes which are quite large anyway, images were taken on an Iphone/Canon DSLR, and all in natural light. I take a 3.50 prescription.
You can find this wig here: Bobo A.
11756508_387119221491715_1476259925_n 11774753_387119218158382_854859014_n 11741912_387119211491716_1577202324_n
It’s a wonderful colour and has loads of high/low lights running through it.

I used the chance to do a quick Gowther of Seven Deadly Sins using this wig, as with a bit of cutting it would be a nice choice!
11759555_387119228158381_72051109_n 11749681_387119244825046_690643821_n
These are to show the colour in the outside light! It’s a really nice pink, and doesn’t look shiny at all!
11774482_387119108158393_1504467610_n 11736971_387119168158387_538976272_n 11774237_387119194825051_2066409008_n
These pics were taken indoors! Also sorry for the loose hair grip I have just noticed haha!

I can’t wait to style this wig properly. I will be using it for this character! Once again Uniqso have delivered a pretty good service and I will be buying more wigs from them as I can say the quality is fantastic and really makes the character come alive.
Onto the lenses! This was Charlie‘s (who also took the pics for me) find for an upcoming cosplay, we needed very bright and unrealistic looking eyes. The shipping on these was extremely fast. They are the Twilight Blue!
11741758_387120354824935_1185462591_n 11749757_387119118158392_1192557515_n
11733279_387120348158269_1810059636_n 11748724_387120351491602_466912045_n
Natural and filtered images!
The specs are:

  • dia; 16.5mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 3 months (non prescription are upto a year)

Comfort: 5/5
Haven’t had chance to wear them a long time but no discomfort when I have worn them!

Appearance: 5/5
Extremely Blue! They do have a fair amount of enlargement on the actual eye.