Tokyo Toys Birmingham Opening Day

Wooo! So, apologies this took me so long, but this is my mainly video run down of the opening of Tokyo Toys in Birmingham (it’s my local city). There is already one in London and the company tends to have stalls at MCM events for anyone who doesn’t know who they are! They sell anime goodies, manga, cosplay pieces and food based items along with much more. I was invited as a guest to do some blogging and interview some of the attendees! Everyone seemed pretty excited, and I will be honest I was not expecting so many people to turn up, but I believe it ended up being a good 1000+ at the end of the day who turned up. I feel the work on the tramline sadly made it very cramped for everyone, but the Tokyo Toys team did a good job of keeping everyone fuelled! Anyway, here is my video, I am not a video pro for which you will be able to see I am sure but it does give a feeling of the day! Thank you everyone who took part!

Also, I know where I’ll be hanging out often in the city centre now :p