Ayacon Apocalypse 2013 (and London Expo plans)

So, finally doing a write up on the last ever Ayacon (for those that don’t know it is a Japanese culture/anime/cosplay convention).

The Thursday before the con was pretty much making sure everything was indeed completed. Shazz came up to travel to the con with us, and we watched many a silly thing. Listened to some Rammstein as far as I remember too haha. It was an enjoyable travel to Coventry, as the con crack had already started, and we were singing Attack on Titan theme tune really badly to each other. As we were staying at different hotels, us and Shazz parted ways for the time being. The hotel we stayed in was the De Vere Village, the room was the upper suite, and the bed was fantastic. We had free Sky tv and HD movies and Starbucks drinks in the room. It worked out cheaper staying here than on the campus the convention was held at, so all in all a bargain really. We had a walk to the Warwick Arts Centre (though someone told us to go a really long way round) and met up with Shazz again, and had one drink…bloody bar was closing. The Costcutter there I must say is fantastic for food from all different countries. We ended up with loads of Italian snack food.

Day 1:
Today was Weiss Kreuz day! First things first, though, breakfast. The room we had gave us a free breakfast every morning, and coffee and tea, not bad stuff. So, we got made up, and hit the con. We had Kat joining us in this group, and met up with a few familiar faces. It was quite chilled out, but then towards the end of the night I threw up and we went home. Whoops lol.

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Day 2:
This was the DOGS: Bullets and Carnage day. I think this was the most fun costume to wear in some ways. We skipped breakfast this day and got ready, and head on out. Immediately as we got out of the taxi though, the person whom we know who was cosplaying the “bad guy” from the series was walking towards us, completely unplanned…but a perfect meeting really. (You can find him here). We mooched round the dealers room, and we ended up acquiring this gem:


We changed into the evening gear and I took a shit load of crap selfies haha. Ended up back at the bar, with our crew. We wanted to go to the J-rock party, but it was scheduled for 1am, and it seemed really late to wait for especially cause we didn’t know if it would be good or not. We ended up briefly at the K-pop party, but the DJ then changed to J-idol music and everyone fucked off. We just went home after.

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Day 3:
Vassalord and Gorillaz was the main aim for today.  Vassalord was so fun, and a couple of people recognised it. Charlie and Shazz ended up with Balamb Garden T-shirts from here (Really cool stuff! Check em out!). We were introduced to a free purikura machine and played around in that for a bit. Then toddled off home to change into Gorillaz. Unfortunately there was some bug going round at this con, a lot of our friends got ill. Charlie got hit with it on the Sunday so we went back to the hotel and he got some rest. A lot of people missed the final party due to this, but hey there will always be another con!





After getting home I think even though I didn’t need to, I felt a bit low that it went so fast. We are hoping to re-wear some of the costumes for some pics, I have a cosplay shoot for a couple of them in September.

LONDON EXPO is next in October. I am highly excited for this, and we have groups which is exciting.

Final Fantasy 8/Attack on Titan/DOGS
c-schneider will be Squall/Jean/Haine
Shazz will be Zell/Eren/Naoto
Ballet Shoes will be Quistis/Armin
Georgi will be Sephie/Mikasa
Myself Irvine/Levi/Badou

Photos for this blog were all taken/edited by either myself, c-schneider or paper-plate

Day Out: Birmingham City Centre + Ayacon plans

So, this is the last weekend before Ayacon, and we nipped into town to get some last bits and pieces for our cosplays. We also met up with Lulu, whom we haven’t seen in a long time, which was really nice. (She also does wig commissions here)

My first stop off was to try this Amazon locker thing, which was really cool. They are situated in the Bull Ring shopping centre, and it saved me having to pay shipping this way, which if you can get to one easily I think is worth it. I got my simplicity pattern for a new Murdoc cape which I haven’t had since 2008, so it will be nice to have one again.


Next was the markets, to pick up some poppers and elastic to finish off a couple of cosplay bits. I also went to get material for the cape, and ended up with 6 metres of each colour for £21 (though looks a bit funny on the computer), and damn there is a lot of material there. I think the guy at the market gave me more of the purple as it was end of roll. I really recommend the “rag market” if you are by Birmingham as there is tons of useful stuff for making things there, and it is pretty cheap.


We went for a coffee at Cafe Nero, a welcome break from all the carrying of a load of material haha. It was really nice to catch up over a coffee with Lulu, and talk our weird “same wavelenth” nonsense.

We also stopped in at the now closing down Model Zone, which is a shame because it had some useful things. But everything is half price so picked up some paint for Pazuzu hohoho…


We also stopped in at The Candystore, which sells some interesting street wear and it is nice to see different stuff from the normal high street shops. Worth a look  if you are in the area. I noticed a sale item I really want :x…

Couldn’t be a good day out without stopping in a Primark though, and battling through the crowds there haha. Saturdays are always…well, mental.

We came back for Charlie to do Lulu’s hair all pretty like (cause he is good at hair), and then walked her back as she only lived down the road, and got myself a tin of soup for dinner. Hahahahahah. (And whilst I was gone Charlie made me a lovely smoothie thank you :D)

I will now carry on with cosplay things, I have to finish the holsters, other eyepatch, spray painting, and lets try making a cape! I haven’t made anything like this before by myself so…uh, lets see what happens haha.

The plans for Ayacon are as follows;

Friday – Farfarello (Weiss Kreuz – anime version, white outfit)

Saturday – Badou (Dogs: Bullets & Carnage – Vol 0. version + formal)

Sunday – Rayflo (Vassalord – anime version) and Murdoc (Gorillaz – phase 2)

I have some updates on costume things here and here if you are interested!

If you are around at Ayacon, I guess I will see you there!