London trip

I think I felt like writing so I will post about last weekends excursion to London.

We basically took a trip down to London on the day for our friend Finlay’s leaving costume party (and birthday). I posted about clubbing with her a few posts back, and as she is a proper laugh to hang around with it was a little sad to think she is going!

Charlie made Titan themed cupcakes for the occasion (which tasted great but sadly died in transport down). We had a mad rush for the coach (which turned out to be late) and travelled down in style (in costume, haha). Also had lovely drinks on the way down of kokomo.

My fantasy costume consisted of a bit of randomness, I think I came out with a vampire demon pirate thing. Charlie did a ever so slightly Vald demon thing (which I do not have many pics of sadly).

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I felt like I ended up looking a bit shironuri lol.

The party itself was held at the Yorkshire Grey pub, it was closed purposely for the event which was quite nice, but my god even for London the drinks were expensive. There were many people we did not know there, but we have made a few friends from the event now, one of which who actually lives in Birmingham! It’s always fun to meet people local!

We did get pretty drunk and tbh the night ended in us dancing to the Attack on Titan theme and a load of Die Antwoord (ironically someone who worked there was South African and knew Ninja when he was Watkin), shouting COOONIE SPRINGAAA everywhere, and Charlie shaking hands with people. I remember also I was told to be a titan. It was a very titan night.

Finlay it has been fun, enjoy your time in France and Japan, and hope to see you again in a while!

Photo by Marvin.

We ended up waiting for our coach back the morning after by doing an all nighter in various McDonalds and Victoria Station. Then it was back home, and a well deserved sleep.

So, the girl we met in at the party is cosplaying Hanji (and now likely joining our London Expo group), and the photographer we met wants to take pics at the same event! Lovely meeting people like this :D.

Tomorrow we are going to go to meet some of the people from the Birmingham Cosplay Guild for the first time, and Sunday I have a cosplay shoot with DeclineGothica, so I will probably have a post about those too!

I Took an Arrow to the Knee. It was Skyrim.

Firstly this is me posting from the WordPress app. Seeing what it’s like! Posting from my iPhone.

Now. I remember when I first played Fallout 3. This was the kind of game I would stay up till 7am playing, because I needed more, even if the glitches did almost cause me to throw the TV out the window. But it had something. It was addictive. I still don’t quite understand why but it was.

Now a few years later and I’m traversing the (very annoying) hills of Skyrim, fighting dragons and drinking mead with the locals. And glitching, of course. Wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without them, right? So far I’ve had a dragon freak out on me, get stuck in a house, and sadly I have had a bit of a worse glitch in the sense that I can’t finish a main quest now. But I still play on, regardless.

Because it is just too damn fun.

I’m an Argonian stealthy mother fucker. I am Snaekeyes McGee. What better name huh? I run around looting kettles and baskets because in Fallout I stole forks and bent tin cans to sell. I’m bloody rich in this game. I took over the Dark Brotherhood!

I have an elf husband in the game who sounds like a farmer.

I have pissed off cities and they don’t really care, as long as I pay them off.

I even pretended to be a chef, and really messed up someone’s meal.

What’s funny is when you accidentally put the controller down and YOL TOOR SHUL (fire breath for all you bizarre non-skyrimmers ;D), burning an innocent by accident and having to reload. It is funny, really funny.

Some of the ways people die, what the hell. That Draugr looks like it drunkenly fell out of bed..or coffin. Or whatever! But it’s very humorous!

Thief of Virtue. WHAT THE HELL.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME? ME? Why do I run around stealing cups and not doing quests?

BECAUSE I CAN. I really enjoy games which let me fundamentally, do what the fuck I want.

And. Guess what? As I write this, Charlie is playing it, as Catface, the khajiit.


I’m a fucking Dovahkiin. Respect.