Cosplay Test (Kinda?) – Levi/Shingeki no Kyojin

Just a quick one really, just made my hair black again so thought I would do a bit of a face test for Levi…something to do on a Wednesday night right?

I am using for lenses these which you can find here and a review of them here. I think he actually has..grey eyes maybe? I don’t know, need more research haha.

I would like to cosplay him really cause Attack on Titan is actually a good watch and a good read, and I am not the biggest anime/manga fan on the whole. It has it’s moments of being really funny and other moments of being wtf.

 1012446_463322117097570_1410991138_n (2)Snapshot_20130807_5

Snapshot_20130807_3 Snapshot_20130807_4

Now to get a green cape. Great.