Cosplay Progress + Review – SnK / Levi

Ok, so this cosplay is pretty much sourcing and buying rather than making, because it is so easy and cheap to find. Charlie scoured eBay and found the jackets we will be using.

The eBay seller is bigbigworld1991 and the items we have can be found here (NO. 1 on the colour choice).

We went for their “US M” size, and they are slightly on the bigger side, but it really adds to comfort. (Sizes are all available on the auction page).

The shop was pleasant to deal with. We were a bit concerned how long they were taking, but emailed the seller and they got back to me within the day, and told us the item was in the UK, and I believe the day after they turned up! I would happily recommend them.

The jacket itself is very well made. There are very few minor sewing hiccups but nothing really noticeable. The embroidered patches are lovely, and these jackets feature the blue details rather than black as some of the jackets you can buy do. The only thing it would of been nice to see was if the back patch was the same as the arm ones rather than just being stuck/printed on. We may buy the patches you can get to put on the back so they all match.

554549_485114588251656_379044087_n 1237835_485114534918328_85248305_n 1234740_485114458251669_702578511_n 1238141_485114494918332_713896253_n 1239620_485114568251658_807971229_n
And pictures of it worn: (Please excuse my face with no make-up! I had a swollen spot/bite on my forehead and didn’t wanna put stuff around it).
581617_484720378291077_235241520_n 1239929_484720121624436_1810732337_n 1374766_484720651624383_1842490773_n a (1) a (2)

Overall, I was very satisfied with the seller, and would happily use their eBay shop again!

Cosplay Test (Kinda?) – Levi/Shingeki no Kyojin

Just a quick one really, just made my hair black again so thought I would do a bit of a face test for Levi…something to do on a Wednesday night right?

I am using for lenses these which you can find here and a review of them here. I think he actually has..grey eyes maybe? I don’t know, need more research haha.

I would like to cosplay him really cause Attack on Titan is actually a good watch and a good read, and I am not the biggest anime/manga fan on the whole. It has it’s moments of being really funny and other moments of being wtf.

 1012446_463322117097570_1410991138_n (2)Snapshot_20130807_5

Snapshot_20130807_3 Snapshot_20130807_4

Now to get a green cape. Great.