Oh yes, went out and brought some new things! I got to take advantage of Charlie’s student discount (hohoh thank you) and brought a couple of things!

My outfit of the day.

First thing I got recently was a new jacket from Primark. It was only £30, but it fits really well for a cheaper one. I’ve wanted a decent black jacket for a while now, so snatched this one up.

1209278_490118394417942_1125967423_n 1384312_490118221084626_1852789588_n

I’ve also acquired a Topman waistcoat, something else I have been after. That was £20, which is a bit pricier, but after trying on a Primark brand, the one I got fits so much better. Also in the Topman spend I got a hat, cause I am a sucker for hats. Topshop, in the main section, had a beautiful fur collar, which had to be got. I really have been after dressy-uppy things recently so it felt like a good haul.

1383657_490117991084649_722832382_n 564558_490118167751298_1913758016_n
1379445_490118191084629_576679352_n 1380525_490118114417970_2090782331_n

H&M had some fantastic striped black and dark grey trousers and I needed a pair of these too in my life. Unfortunately they only have women’s versions but..men’s fashion is so boring in the UK, that I thought hell to it. They fit, that is the important thing. Charlie treated me to some cute Halloween-esque badges too :3.

Whilst in the Rag Market in Brum too, we stumbled across a new stall called Little Italy. Charlie has a bit of info on them from his latest blog post here, but I fell in love with this shirt, which can easily be used for some sort of..VK, or EGA or something costumey. Again, sadly it is going to have to be taken in at the bust, as it is fitted for women, but it is cool and zips up so no weird sided buttons or anything.
I would really check them out if you are into mori-kei and the like cause their clothing was perfect for such a thing. The price was cheap, especially for somewhere which sources from the same place as All Saints. Norma who we were talking to is a darling who is very much into quality for affordability. The clothing is all from Italy (hence the name), and they have a lot of asymmetrical and layered styles in.

The quality of the shirt itself is good, I mean it is nice and thick, and soft, but also has a decent amount of stretch. You can tell they are made to fit really well, and very slimming.

1382184_490117891084659_1070290754_n 1393596_490117964417985_528500461_n

This was tonight’s sort of look with myself, trying to hide the fact I have a cold, and Charlie did some pics for me so I can write about shizzle!

Also bagged some Chinese goodies from the supermarket…

IMG_6660 IMG_6659
I ate all the chicken feet already :<