Sunday night make-up post

So, as I did it last week I thought I would do it again tonight, and play a bit with make-up again!

A friend had posted about Murdoc (Gorillaz) jokingly dressing like this after doing one of those Facebook friend things, so I thought I would do something..inspired-ish by it. Now I don’t really have anything to make myself purple, just green lol, so I used the pale foundation I have with a very light layering of purple eye shadow over just to give my face a bit of er..fantasy colour? I really was just playing about tonight to be honest. I feel quite draggy which is something I have wanted to try for a while, but that’s for another day. The lipstick is Illamasqua “Diablo” but it looks like they may of stopped doing that. I put a little black on the edges.

I was also playing about with filters with the pics (taken once again on an Iphone 4S) using:

  • iDarkroom which is a pretty good app, for which I was using the brown and purple tones.
  • Aviary has some great filters and frames, I think I was using “Haas” which is really nice.


Photo 1
This one without any filters but can’t really see anything.

iDarkroom brown and purple:

Photo 4 Photo 3

Photo 5 Photo 6


Photo 7 Photo 8

Photo 9 Photo 10

A lot of the images I couldn’t get to look right which is why I have repeating ones.

Now to curl up on the sofa and watch some DVDs.