The items I am reviewing in this post was supplied by Lolitadressesshop but the views expressed in this post are my own.

I recently had this beautiful shirt and wig come through from Lolitadressesshop who deal in gothic lolita clothing, shoes, accessories etc! They also offer a bit of cosplay stuff too! They have a vast catalogue of clothing, many things I have seen and wanted. I’m gonna go on about the wig first.
The colours in this are actually really nice. It has highlights and lowlights, the fibres aren’t too soft which means it doesn’t look too shiny, which makes me happy – it makes it look more natural and real. The back blends to the neck perfectly as you will see in the other pictures, it looks quite real. It is quite thick in the wefts, but not so much as the wig looks poofy. The wig is good! I will recommend! LolitaDressesShop also stocks cosplay and costume wigs, but this one in particular would be good for day to day/fashion wear!The shirt is gorgeous. It fits really well, the cravat is detachable so can be worn different ways. I’d say it is cotton and it feels really nice to wear (I have sensitive skin too!). I take a medium size, and it fits fine. It has ribbon at the back so can be slightly adjusted! It would be perfect for ouji, kodona, lolita, a whole host of outfits really!

Onto some pictures! The bloomers are Bodyline and the socks are H&M.
IMG_5430 IMG_5452 IMG_5427
IMG_5445 IMG_5456
IMG_5449 IMG_5447
So if you are after a pretty affordable lolita wardrobe I would check out Lolitadressesshop!