Contact Lens Review – Pinky Paradise EOS Dolly Eye Brown

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The main reason for buying these was cosplay, but they will also have every day use.
IMG_9009 IMG_9012

To note; I have naturally light eyes which are quite large anyway, images were taken on an Iphone, and all in natural light. I take a 3.50 and a 3.25 prescription.

The lenses I got this time were EOS Dolly Eye Brown.

IMG_9140 IMG_9141 IMG_9143
IMG_9142 IMG_9145\
The pics were taken with a mixture of natural light and a light box.

EOS once again proves itself in being a very very comfortable brand, and much more comfortable than the Twilight range. I wore these all day at work and my eyes felt fine. The “brown” is more yellow just like my other ones but this is intended, if you are after a natural brown perhaps these are not the wisest to choose BUT if you are after something a little more striking these should work wonders.

IMG_9153 IMG_9151 IMG_9155
The last picture I had been wearing a while and eyes still felt comfy!

The specs are:

  • dia; 14.2mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 1 year

Comfort: 5/5
Really comfortable. Wore all day!

Appearance: 5/5
Exactly what I needed them for, but if you are after an actual brown try a different lens.

Enlarging: 3/5
Not the biggest on the market but works better for my personal preference.

Also as a bonus my OOTD: