Contact Lens Review – Optykrozmus + Daily Lens

Hello! I hope you all had a good christmas and new year.

I am so sorry I am a little behind on talking about these lenses, real life stuff but we will be moving soon so everything is all a bit aaaagh as you may know if you have moved before!

Anyway, I’m not here to waffle on about that.

I got sent some lovely lenses from the folks at Optykrozmus to tell you about!
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The lenses I am reviewing in this post were supplied by Optykrozmus but the views expressed in this post are my own. Don’t forget if you order to use the code 1000014 for a discount on the coloured lenses!
To note; I have naturally light eyes which are quite large anyway, images were taken on an Iphone. I take a 3.50 prescription.

I have two pairs to show you, and also to say about how comfortable the daily lenses are!

First pair I will show you is ColourVue Solar Blue.

These are very pale looking at first glance but they do give the eye a definite tint.
12784412_445794335624203_333791640_n 12784708_445794275624209_662677984_n
With the right wig they seem to look more blue too! I chose a white wig (though it is a little messy so excuse that haha!)
12782551_445795032290800_1822891822_n 12769604_445794642290839_92672461_n 12782045_445794558957514_940962023_n
I also wore them to a K-pop night I recently attended!
They are super comfortable!

The specs are:

  • dia; 14mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 1 year for non prescription, 3 months for prescription.

Comfort: 5/5
Decent pair of lenses for everyday use.

Appearance: 3/5
Not as blue as could be, but good for natural looks.

The second pair I have to show is the Neo Cosmo Rose Blue.
12782487_445795345624102_1013488583_n 12782278_445796872290616_1870438266_n

These have a slight rose pattern on them, its not amazingly noticeable but you can sort of see it.
12804513_445796888957281_1205885725_n 12804541_445796945623942_686584719_n
(Also it is really cool to be using a ring light :0)

I was made over to do a Ciel look for these by Chyphens.
12784588_445797275623909_323596876_n 12784715_445796985623938_1522444886_n 12784602_445797755623861_104000518_n
They are very vibrant and whilst not as comfortable as the others I had, still hold their own. These lenses also offer a definite enlargement on the eye!

The specs are:

  • dia; 14.2mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 1 year

Comfort: 4/5
Not a lens I would wear for very long times but perfect for cosplay.

Appearance: 4/5
Very blue! The rose motif is a little hard to see though.

Also as a bonus, I was offered to try daily lenses 1 Day Acuvue Trueye.

Now I won’t show many pics of these as they are completely natural ones, with no enlargement, but as someone who doesn’t like to wear glasses when I am out, these I can wear for hours at work with no discomfort. They are EXTREMELY comfortable in the eye and cover prescriptions.
Natural eye colour hah! You can see my uneven eye shape xD.