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The lenses I am reviewing in this post were supplied by Optyk Rozmus but the views expressed in this post are my own. On saying that though PLEASE GO CHECK OUT THEIR SHOP. It is FULL of various lenses a lot of which come in prescription (yay!) including the crazy/colour lenses, and the prices are pretty decent! They also have a really nice variety of red contact lenses; I really enjoy different red lenses ahah! Their shipping was really fast too, and everything came really nicely packaged. Their customer service is fantastic too and they reply really fast! ALSO if you order any crazy coloured lenses you can use the code 1000014 you can get an 8% discount…SO GO HAVE A LOOK!

OK lets get onto the products shall we?

IMG_9608 IMG_9610 IMG_9609
Each one comes boxed really nicely with instructions!

I have 4 pairs to tell you about here.

Red Devil

Space Blue

3 Tones Green

Glamour Honey

To note; I have naturally light eyes which are quite large anyway, images were taken on an Iphone, and all in natural light. I take a 3.50 and a 3.25 prescription. (The prescription lenses here are both 3.50 but I could see easily through them)

Starting with Red Devil, I really like the depth in the colour of these, its not horrendously bright neither is it too dark red it is unnoticeable.

IMG_9629 IMG_9632
IMG_9631 IMG_9633
They are super comfortable to wear, come in prescription, and are only £13.99 from the store!! Really good for costuming needs.

The specs are:

  • dia; 14mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 3 months (non prescription are upto a year)

Comfort: 5/5
Really good for coloured lenses!

Appearance: 5/5
I like the red tone, it is dark enough for my liking.

Next we have Glamour Honey. Now, I was a little unsure how these would look when I got them but I am really happy with the colour, I was after a lens like this to replace some old ones and these are definitely the ones I would choose. They also are prescription which is really handy. I absolutely love the subtle brown tones in these.
IMG_9647 IMG_9639
IMG_9640 IMG_9642 IMG_9643
Very comfy again!

The specs are:

  • dia; 14mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 3 months

Comfort: 5/5
Feel very moist in the eye so very easy to wear.

Appearance: 5/5
Gorgeous colour!

Go for the green next. Again, wasn’t sure how these would turn out on the eyes, but quite satisfied with the results! These would be good for costumes where you need a more natural colour eye, though still looking nice enough to stand out.
IMG_9651 IMG_9653
IMG_9654 IMG_9655
I will be using these for a costume I am pretty sure about that!

The specs are:

  • dia; 14mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 3 months

Comfort: 5/5
Again amazingly comfortable!

Appearance: 4/5
Very natural!

Last but not least I wanted to try these lenses. I am very sad these don’t come in prescription lenses because they are a beautiful rich blue which shines really nicely. With the right lighting these could look very bright.
IMG_9658 IMG_9662
IMG_9664 IMG_9665
Aghhhh I really like the colour of these so much, especially with the high lighting, they stand out so well!

The specs are:

  • dia; 14mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 3 months (these do come in a longer life too)

Comfort: 4/5
Comfortable but marking down by one as I am blind in these.

Appearance: 4/5
Really nice blue! Stands out

All in all I am really happy with all the lenses, I really like the way they came, using Optyk Rozmus website is nice and simple! And don’t forget about the 1000014 code discount!

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