This is a really late post but I am really good at wanting to write about things but not actually doing it.

So, for my birthday I was treated with a trip to Bristol! The original plan was London and Expo but it proved too costly and I think fate was telling us to change plans considering how wonderful of a time I had. (Also thank you to Steph for looking after the kittens for us!)

My travel look, hair freshly done!

Got into Birmingham and had Costa.


My Costa face LOL. It was a bright day.

Snacks for the journey?

Pulling faces on the coach. I was excited cause it was a double decker one.

We got the coach down cause it was really cheap and I think the journey went quite fast. We checked into the Mercure Hotel Bristol (and had been upgraded to a river view room by surprise at no extra cost).

Really nice hotel.

Charlie paid for us to have breakfast in bed as we arrived (but the hotel computer was playing up and people kept asking him to pay?) Also, sadly I was supposed to have flowers in the room as a surprise but it didn’t happen, as the hotel forgot to put them in the room whoops lol. But they were a beautiful thing none the less. (Though apparently there was supposed to be a balloon and chocolates too but they never turned up, companies fault!)

Deep reds.

Also I was obviously so excited I had a nosebleed. Excuse my derpy face but it was funny.


And also obvious self shots


We went out to Bristol town and mooched around a bit, everything was fairly chilled. Went to Carluccio’s and had a lovely pate dish, and I was also secretly brought out a lemon tart with candle which was delicious.


Primark offered a funny sight for all the Gorillaz fans out there too…


Bumped into a “friend” you may have seen in a previous post.

66 (1)-horz

We popped back to the hotel to refresh and then hit The Crown pub to meet up with Will and Nate, had some drinks…had fun you know…

Choice of clothing by Abandon Ship Apparel.

We found an almost aptly named shop on the way:

66 (6)

Day 2 we had planned to go to a Louisiana style restaurant (which we learnt had closed down when we went) and we went to Bristol museum and the zoo. But first we had our breakfast in bed which was amazing but we also couldn’t finish it all. We found “Lilly & Boo’s Cake Shop” on the way and had tea and cake instead. This place is definitely worth visiting.

aa (3)

66 (5)
We also had fro yo.

We didn’t mooch the museum long cause most of it wasn’t free haha, but did have a little look at the natural stuff of the area. We also found a very rare duck obviously native to Bristol.

66 (4)

The zoo we finally walked to (was quite a trek!) was really fun, they had dinosaurs and bats and lions and shit.

aa (1)-tile

I think I liked the bats most.

Also strange Tapir creature.

After the zoo it was time to head back and get ready for karaoke!

44 (2)

And that was fun. They brought dim sum to our booth and oh god their chicken feet were the best I have had in a long time I could eat some now aghghghgh. Me, Charlie and Shazz picked the most awkward and varied songs I think we could and really had a drunken blast. No pictures of that though!
The place we had karaoke at was Kobe in Little Chinatown. Really amazing place and I would recommend it.

The day after was travel home day, and we had a really late coach back so we went to Cribbs Causeway Mall, and ate loads of food from McDonalds and Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet. Then we travelled to Chippenham to see Charlie’s family and fat cats. Stumbled home and went to bed!

Now to pack for Manchester…

Clubbing With Fin

Apologies for the very late updates. It’s been a funny couple of months.
Anyway this post is for the fun times had with Charlie and Fin at some clubs! We went out 3 times all in all before Fin went home from uni.
The first night our theme was “let’s drunkenly attempt some kind of ‘shironuri‘”. Then it became shironuri in kigurumi. I really had fun none the less and here are some amusing pictures of us.
We went to Subside, an alternative bar/club thing in Birmingham. It’s not the best place to go but they were playing District 9 and open very late. We also had a fren, lol. This ‘unfortunate’ stranger ended up on Tumblr lol. Shouldn’t of been lurking by us. Some VERY gay camp “straight” bloke was talking to Charlie about his wig too. Haha.
The next weekend was Eddies related. The first night was a <del>disappointing</del> “trad goth night”. No one turned up really so we ended up in the metal room jumping around. Me and Fin did a lot of terrible para para in the bathrooms also. I learnt a lot of moves from Kyary?? Lol. We were all very drunk.
Night two was much better. More familiar faces and for a friends birthday we jumped around. They also had Die Antwoord. Again images of outfits and general bumming around happened.
I felt pretty cool in these outfits Smiling face with Sunglasses
The main inspirations were;

And greatly thanks to Illamasqua once again, Charlie’s clown white theatrical paint, and a fuck load of booze.


And that was me after I was all drunk out.

Memorabilia Expo Birmingham 16.03.2013

This weekend we went to the event “Memorabilia/MCM“, based in Birmingham in the NEC. It’s held twice a year in March and November.

Compared to similar events, it was really chilled, really comfortable. We only went for the one day, and dressed as Gorillaz, Plastic Beach era. Our Noodley friend was going to the event too so it was a good chance to get some group pictures (sadly our Russ couldn’t make it).

Charlie did my makeup for me today as he is trained in it, and could give me the later Murdoc appearance I would struggle at doing. In return I ironed. He got to try out new water liner for the costume too which was exciting.

We got a taxi to the train station and hopped on with JD and Coke in hand, noticing other cosplayers on the train too. I always think that is nice to see in such events, even if I don’t have a clue what they were wearing.


The con itself is £10 entry, and offers stalls, guests, talks and shows, much like London Expo (but a lot smaller and much less busier).

We got to see some old and lovely faces, and also meet some new ones.

Bumped into Angie whom appears in a couple of our photos and met up with our Noodle.



And had many lovely people asking us for pictures! They are all floating about on the internet at the moment, if you see any feel free to give me a bell!

Also Foxy took us some group pictures, which was fantastic. These are in the editing process at the moment but if you are interested in seeing any of these, you will be able to find them most likely here or here.

We met two lovely ladies one of which sweetly gave us a postcard of her art, and her website can be found here.

After a while we ended up drinking cider at the bar. Then everything goes a bit fuzzy really. Ended up going home and drinking tea.


First Post = Playing With Make-up

Things to do on a Saturday night huh? It’s not particularly nice weather at the moment in England, so while Charlie was making his blog look all cool and that (and getting his fur collar thing nicked) I grabbed the palettes and brushes and slapped a face on. I have been looking at this “Minori” girl and this “Shironuri” style, and I don’t have the equipment or skills to do such thing, but I did something loosely inspired by it all (which ended up just being more playing around).

That said, here is a run down of things I used;

  • The browns/yellows/reds I used were from 2 different colour palettes, both were gifts so I’m not entirely sure where they came from.
  • Contacts are from Pinky Paradise and were a gift, and I can’t remember which but I think are Barbie Black.
  • The fangs are from this bloke here; CustomFangs. If you do a lot of costumes which need comfortable teeth, or anything custom, I would seriously recommend this guy. They are a veneer which fit over your actual teeth and they are super realistic and are comfortable too.
  • The little horns are Charlie’s from his recent Taobao order which you can find a review on here.
  • Also, wig wise, one was from a hair shop in Birmingham and the other from eBay.

Images (taken on an Iphone 4s, both front and back camera and filtered on PhotoScape):

Photo 1 Photo 23 Photo 25 Photo 35 Photo 36 Photo 12 Photo 44 Photo 48 Photo 51 Photo 52 Photo 54 Photo 65 Photo 37

D. Ferne