Contact Lens Review – + Halloween

Firstly I’d like to say happy Halloween because it’s the first of October and that obviously means it is time for Halloween. Are you all excited? Do you have good plans? (I don’t even know what I AM actually doing … Continue reading

Black Sclera Lens Review

Wahey! I am writing a post! Today I have these amazing sclera lenses from Blackscleracontactlenses to review. The company they came from was amazing, they shipped from Europe and were super fast and really good with communication. I would seriously … Continue reading

Yelp Event – “Stitches and Hos”

Firstly I want to apologise that this is a little late. I have come down with a cold/cough and feeling a little under the weather. I also have to write about our trip to London which happened ages ago but..yeah. Life has been a little stressful recently but that’s why I am going to write about all the FUN things we have been upto!

IMG_2553 IMG_2558
Me and Charlie got invited to a Yelp event promoting Stitches and Hos knitting/sewing circle, along with Vedett beer. The event was hosted by Cherry Red’s which is a pretty amazing venue hidden away in Birmingham. We sat at the back sharing a table with a lovely couple who we pretty much got chatting to all night! There were amazing cherry cupcakes, I think it was one of the tastiest cupcakes I ever ate in my life.

IMG_2562 IMG_2554
The Stitches and Hos guys were really nice, friendly and most importantly patient with us lot who had never touched wool before. We got to make pom poms using some…device for making pom poms. I actually found that really relaxing to do, and I am tempted to pick up one of the things to sit and wrap wool around it! I never would of thought I would of enjoyed it, but I gave it a go and proved myself wrong!

Vedett beer. Now I am not a big beer/lager drinker, so I couldn’t compare the taste to anything. But I can say I actually DID like it. It was really light and refreshing, would of really complimented a curry haha! We also had our photos taken to be put on the actual beer bottles…so who knows, you might see our faces on some beer one day.

After the event we stayed around for another beer (Vedett of course!) and honestly I would say I would happily go again to the venue, I’d probably go knitting too, I mean it might come in handy one day?  Also, excuse my mainly hidden face, I had just come from work. Also free hat!

IMG_2565 IMG_2556

Sunday Service: Bats

My Sunday service posts are basically a run down of interesting finds from various shops over the week. This one will be a themed post, on bats! I really love bats and Halloween things and there seems to be a fair amount still in the shops! A few of these are in the sale which is even better isn’t it?

image1xl $(KGrHqUOKpgFGNMf,q7KBSV9SBJZ9!~~60_12 image1xl (1) 71108-b SONY DSC BATS-MENS-TEE_grande 16U18EWHT_normal 08N48EOGE_normal

Links to buy these!

1. Bat Jumper
2. Bat Raglan
3. Bat and Pump Vest
4. Bat Onesie
5. Bat Racerback
6. Bat Tee (Print also in jumper and vest!)
7. Bat Treggings
8. Bat Socks

Have you found any interesting bat clothing?

Sunday Service: H&M Grey Concept

Sunday service is going to be a scheduled weekly post I do (on a Sunday, obviously!), showing all the interesting clothing pieces I have found over the week.
This week I am going to be focusing on H&M’s Grey Concept. I have picked this one first due to the fact the H&M store I work in have decided I am the Grey Concept ambassador due to wearing it so much! If you are into more unusual pieces, Korean style and “Goth Ninja” I would say check out this concept. A lot of the pieces have much more unusual cuts and shapes than the average high street shops (in the UK). Also I would say a lot of it can be worn unisex.


Links to buy these!

1.Drape Cardigan
2.Skull Tee
3.Platform Sneakers
4.Long Cardigan
5.Hooded Cardigan
6.Harem Chinos
7.Hooded Vest
8.Draped Jacket
9.Leather Sleeved Cardigan
10.Asymmetrical Vest
11.Flag Jumper
12.Drop Vest

Shopping Haul

Long time no see everyone! I have been so pre-occupied with the new job and life in general that I have neglected here a little bit! So I am gonna start the new year of blogging off with a “what I brought over the last few months, and mostly in the last month” post. I have been busy buying to be honest, a lot of it is sale material though so it was pretty cheap.

OK! Lets start with the fact the majority of stuff I have brought is H&M, the staff discount is honestly dangerous…it is mainly grey concept I will be honest cause let’s face it, it is the best hahah.

IMG_2047 IMG_2030 IMG_2033
IMG_2031 IMG_2028 IMG_2032
Mainly grey colours huh? The scarf has a hood attached which is cool! The funnel neck top I was eyeing up for ages…

I also found this coat in black. I got the blue version as a gift, and now I have two! It’s really comfy, and looks cool.

IMG_2048 IMG_2049
Some more H&M grey concept and a couple of shirts from River Island sale. Seriously, look at the print!
How cool is that?

IMG_2034 IMG_2036 IMG_2035
IMG_2037 IMG_2041 IMG_2045
A cool red and black raglan from Topman, haven’t worn it yet as the weather is a bit naff really. The white shirt in the middle is from Taobao, it can be tied in a big bow and I wanna use it when I do a sort of Kodona/Ouji piece, eventually. The ripped jeans are also Taobao. The waistcoats are from H&M and Topman (and the shorts), and jackets are H&M and Primark.

IMG_2029 IMG_2027 IMG_2044
Most of the accessories are H&M, Topman and River Island. The scarf is, well…Diesel. The bag is from a cheap shop in Birmingham!

1557687_207305926139713_1342704908_n IMG_2052 IMG_2053
This beautiful All Saints passport cover is a gift (along with the passport lol!) from lovely Charlie, so this year we will be travelling outside of England! The rest is H&M again, more for costume things rather than day to day stuff.

On the subject of costume things, I have been buying stuff for that too.

IMG_2040 IMG_2042 IMG_2038
The capes are Tesco and Debenhams, the trousers are Ann Summers and the bat top is Killstar! This is for my more dressy uppy wardrobe, and will probably see the goth clubs a fair bit.
Also H&M and Topman, a horrendous fur coat which will work wonders for certain cosplay characters, and bat leggings and a pumpkin top. Uh, Halloween cast offs. Who cares if it is in the “girl” section?

Also some Dune boots, New Look and Primark. I swear the bat leggings and red boots, capes…I may as well just cosplay Noel Fielding.

So, below are some pics of me wearing the new stuff, cause to be honest I don’t look good to wear it right now, hahah I am almost in bed!

IMG_1377 IMG_1962
IMG_1732 IMG_1723
Christmas at work, lol.

IMG_1385 IMG_1460 IMG_1393
IMG_1432 IMG_1444 IMG_1688
IMG_1970 IMG_2016

Also I have a new wig and I don’t know what to do with it 🙂