London trip

I think I felt like writing so I will post about last weekends excursion to London.

We basically took a trip down to London on the day for our friend Finlay’s leaving costume party (and birthday). I posted about clubbing with her a few posts back, and as she is a proper laugh to hang around with it was a little sad to think she is going!

Charlie made Titan themed cupcakes for the occasion (which tasted great but sadly died in transport down). We had a mad rush for the coach (which turned out to be late) and travelled down in style (in costume, haha). Also had lovely drinks on the way down of kokomo.

My fantasy costume consisted of a bit of randomness, I think I came out with a vampire demon pirate thing. Charlie did a ever so slightly Vald demon thing (which I do not have many pics of sadly).

1237090_476906032405845_607597520_n 1240610_476906105739171_517283406_n 1170915_476906125739169_235299529_n 1175335_476906069072508_1473887682_n  1235045_476906005739181_575232642_n
I felt like I ended up looking a bit shironuri lol.

The party itself was held at the Yorkshire Grey pub, it was closed purposely for the event which was quite nice, but my god even for London the drinks were expensive. There were many people we did not know there, but we have made a few friends from the event now, one of which who actually lives in Birmingham! It’s always fun to meet people local!

We did get pretty drunk and tbh the night ended in us dancing to the Attack on Titan theme and a load of Die Antwoord (ironically someone who worked there was South African and knew Ninja when he was Watkin), shouting COOONIE SPRINGAAA everywhere, and Charlie shaking hands with people. I remember also I was told to be a titan. It was a very titan night.

Finlay it has been fun, enjoy your time in France and Japan, and hope to see you again in a while!

Photo by Marvin.

We ended up waiting for our coach back the morning after by doing an all nighter in various McDonalds and Victoria Station. Then it was back home, and a well deserved sleep.

So, the girl we met in at the party is cosplaying Hanji (and now likely joining our London Expo group), and the photographer we met wants to take pics at the same event! Lovely meeting people like this :D.

Tomorrow we are going to go to meet some of the people from the Birmingham Cosplay Guild for the first time, and Sunday I have a cosplay shoot with DeclineGothica, so I will probably have a post about those too!

Ayacon Apocalypse 2013 (and London Expo plans)

So, finally doing a write up on the last ever Ayacon (for those that don’t know it is a Japanese culture/anime/cosplay convention).

The Thursday before the con was pretty much making sure everything was indeed completed. Shazz came up to travel to the con with us, and we watched many a silly thing. Listened to some Rammstein as far as I remember too haha. It was an enjoyable travel to Coventry, as the con crack had already started, and we were singing Attack on Titan theme tune really badly to each other. As we were staying at different hotels, us and Shazz parted ways for the time being. The hotel we stayed in was the De Vere Village, the room was the upper suite, and the bed was fantastic. We had free Sky tv and HD movies and Starbucks drinks in the room. It worked out cheaper staying here than on the campus the convention was held at, so all in all a bargain really. We had a walk to the Warwick Arts Centre (though someone told us to go a really long way round) and met up with Shazz again, and had one drink…bloody bar was closing. The Costcutter there I must say is fantastic for food from all different countries. We ended up with loads of Italian snack food.

Day 1:
Today was Weiss Kreuz day! First things first, though, breakfast. The room we had gave us a free breakfast every morning, and coffee and tea, not bad stuff. So, we got made up, and hit the con. We had Kat joining us in this group, and met up with a few familiar faces. It was quite chilled out, but then towards the end of the night I threw up and we went home. Whoops lol.

1208636_158025637727901_484435871_n 1208737_158025657727899_136167351_n 1208957_158025681061230_1459064602_n 1208965_158025684394563_179106777_n

Day 2:
This was the DOGS: Bullets and Carnage day. I think this was the most fun costume to wear in some ways. We skipped breakfast this day and got ready, and head on out. Immediately as we got out of the taxi though, the person whom we know who was cosplaying the “bad guy” from the series was walking towards us, completely unplanned…but a perfect meeting really. (You can find him here). We mooched round the dealers room, and we ended up acquiring this gem:


We changed into the evening gear and I took a shit load of crap selfies haha. Ended up back at the bar, with our crew. We wanted to go to the J-rock party, but it was scheduled for 1am, and it seemed really late to wait for especially cause we didn’t know if it would be good or not. We ended up briefly at the K-pop party, but the DJ then changed to J-idol music and everyone fucked off. We just went home after.

1082616_158220464375085_709552809_n 992494_158227254374406_2108591326_n 1079765_158290084368123_1096234187_n

Day 3:
Vassalord and Gorillaz was the main aim for today.  Vassalord was so fun, and a couple of people recognised it. Charlie and Shazz ended up with Balamb Garden T-shirts from here (Really cool stuff! Check em out!). We were introduced to a free purikura machine and played around in that for a bit. Then toddled off home to change into Gorillaz. Unfortunately there was some bug going round at this con, a lot of our friends got ill. Charlie got hit with it on the Sunday so we went back to the hotel and he got some rest. A lot of people missed the final party due to this, but hey there will always be another con!





After getting home I think even though I didn’t need to, I felt a bit low that it went so fast. We are hoping to re-wear some of the costumes for some pics, I have a cosplay shoot for a couple of them in September.

LONDON EXPO is next in October. I am highly excited for this, and we have groups which is exciting.

Final Fantasy 8/Attack on Titan/DOGS
c-schneider will be Squall/Jean/Haine
Shazz will be Zell/Eren/Naoto
Ballet Shoes will be Quistis/Armin
Georgi will be Sephie/Mikasa
Myself Irvine/Levi/Badou

Photos for this blog were all taken/edited by either myself, c-schneider or paper-plate

DVD Review – Chernobyl Diaries (And bits of other stuff)

I honestly have heard mixed reviews on this one, but wanted to watch it anyway to see what was going on. I picked it up cheap from Blockbuster (cause our local one is closing down sadly…well kinda sadly, cause there is a lot of reduced stuff in there) and me and Charlie watched it the other night.

Chernobyl Diaries (2012 dir: Bradley Parker)
Genre; Horror.
Age; 15


So, basically tourists get lost because they go somewhere they probably shouldn’t and they get into trouble.

The Film (Spoilers):

Oh jeeeeeeeeeez with many e’s. It was pretty much a bog standard American style horror. The characters in it (I can ONLY remember Chris, as we were making Resident Evil jokes about his name being called) were so bland and formulated it could of been any film. (I only liked the minor characters and you KNEW they were gonna kick the bucket). I feel it was really obvious what was going to happen, and I don’t think either one of us “jumped” at it. The end..also, was so..obvious. It really did lend heavily to horror game related things, and I was told it was very similar to the Silent Hill film in some ways.

THE CG WHAT? That’s all I am going to say. I don’t think I have ever seen…a less realistic bear in a film. It was something like this? (Which is all well and good, but in a high budget film and all). The smoke too! What was that? When he kicks the fire away.


I can’t slag it off too much though. Some of the scenery was gorgeous, and the interior bits looked fantastic.  The music, also, that was really really good. Diego Stocco I think I’ve gotta say, this was the best thing about the film. I admit, I liked the Marilyn Manson song at the end too (whom I recently realised I have been into for 14 years erk).

This Release:

It’s an ex-rental copy, so I don’t think it is blessed with such things.

Special Features:



2/5 – It was poor. The idea itself was amazing. But the execution was awful. I may give it another watch, on maybe a “lets watch crap films” night, but I can’t say I was wowed.

And in other news, hitting Memorabilia this weekend and cosplay Gorillaz-ing it up. Expect images I guess! (Maybe on the blog, maybe here). And and and and and looking forward to many travels this year, all will be written about in due course. I am so excited.

Day Out: Birmingham City Centre


Today I went to Birmingham with Charlie (BECAUSE HE IS AN AMAZING BARGAIN HUNTER AND VERY FUN TO SHOP WITH) to do a bit of job scouting and general mooching. As the scouting only really consisted of handing in C.Vs, I will talk about the fun parts of the day!

Mainly we did a lot of window shopping, but did come back with some nice things and interesting tales.

Our first main stop was the Ikon Gallery, which neither of us have actually been in today. The guy on the desk was really interested in our Circle Lenses, so Charlie pointed him in the right direction where to buy some. Then we took a good browse round the shop, (we didn’t actually go into the galleries today) and I found a load of illustration books I would like to own. Charlie brought some goodies, and also brought me these fantastic postcards;


The text based one is “Poems for Birmingham, I” (2007) by:

Steven Shearer

And the not-ugly dinosaur (2007) is by:

Lizz Lunney

And you can find more info on the Ikon Gallery here.

When we hit town proper it was really busy. People seemed really pushy but I have to say there were a lot of stylish people about. We nipped into Zara on the way to the Bull Ring and that was crammed too, they had some good reductions but sadly a lot of it was XL sizing.

Topshop I brought us some socks because why not, (I find it annoying that women’s socks are more interesting than men’s on the whole so we brought women’s socks lol) and to be honest, dinosaurs. You gotta love dinosaurs.


We also went to the Selfrigdes Topman store, and I picked up this really nice shirt for £10 reduced.

Me Me

Afterwards we went to get something to eat. We had a bit of a wait to get into the food place so, we brought each other goodies which consisted of baklava and macaroons (the macaroon stall in Selfridges is really good quality), and I brought some sausage ball things..they taste good.


The macaroons are salted caramel and rose, we ate them when we got home.


The sausages were reduced and they will be eaten with some rice tomorrow probably!

Then our pager vibrated for food.


Ed’s Easy Diner is fantastic, the service is great and the food is delicious and fatty (in a good way). Also I like the music they play. Charlie only had bacon and cheese chips, but I fatted out with a burger platter (which includes coleslaw, onion rings and chips). I did not take a picture of the food because I always forget. Charlie had a coke float and I had normal coke, and all together the bill came to just under £20. It’s definitely worth trying, as writing this hours later I still feel full and content (though I do have a Mac and Cheese if I get peckish later ;D). The woman who served us noticed me playing Battlecats, and seemed really interested in playing it. Charlie drew her little cats on a napkin and where to find the game I wonder if she is playing it now…

After waddling out of there we went into Cloggs because they had a sale on, and I picked up these bad boys:

image(3) image(5)

It really pisses me off ladies get cooler shoes on the whole than men, but at the same time they do ladies shoes in my foot size so fuck it. They cost £27.99 reduced from £40 I think it was, and I had a laugh with the girl at the till cause of the awkward customer she had just served. (It has been a day of pretty good customer service all round). I liked Charlie’s comment that they look like “The Horrors” style hehehe.

I think HMV was next to nip into, and Charlie brought me some goodies again. As you can see they were pretty cheap, and the X’ed ones were reduced even more. Kinda sad that at the moment they are unsure of the future of the shop.


Bill Bailey: Part Troll – Because I do love stand-up comedy, and I really admire Bailey.

Space Adventure Cobra – I was VERY surprised to see this. It’s an old anime I liked as a kid.

Dinocroc Vs Supergator – What can I say? This bloke comes up with some really bad crap right? I love it.

Oh god interlude I am writing and eating a cheese twist and it’s messy as hell.

This also made us laugh.


As you can see, the “Chop Kick Panda” obviously came out first. Cause its more expensive.

And, on the way home the flower seller bloke reduced them to £1 for a bunch so I was brought some cause I have a bit of a soft spot for flowers. They are now on my bedside table.


I was also brought a CHOCOLATE one (and some Kit Kats GOD I love Kit Kats).


And now I am thinking of the Mac and Cheese whilst Charlie is Skyrim bound. Or a Kit Kat…I’m not sure.

I Took an Arrow to the Knee. It was Skyrim.

Firstly this is me posting from the WordPress app. Seeing what it’s like! Posting from my iPhone.

Now. I remember when I first played Fallout 3. This was the kind of game I would stay up till 7am playing, because I needed more, even if the glitches did almost cause me to throw the TV out the window. But it had something. It was addictive. I still don’t quite understand why but it was.

Now a few years later and I’m traversing the (very annoying) hills of Skyrim, fighting dragons and drinking mead with the locals. And glitching, of course. Wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without them, right? So far I’ve had a dragon freak out on me, get stuck in a house, and sadly I have had a bit of a worse glitch in the sense that I can’t finish a main quest now. But I still play on, regardless.

Because it is just too damn fun.

I’m an Argonian stealthy mother fucker. I am Snaekeyes McGee. What better name huh? I run around looting kettles and baskets because in Fallout I stole forks and bent tin cans to sell. I’m bloody rich in this game. I took over the Dark Brotherhood!

I have an elf husband in the game who sounds like a farmer.

I have pissed off cities and they don’t really care, as long as I pay them off.

I even pretended to be a chef, and really messed up someone’s meal.

What’s funny is when you accidentally put the controller down and YOL TOOR SHUL (fire breath for all you bizarre non-skyrimmers ;D), burning an innocent by accident and having to reload. It is funny, really funny.

Some of the ways people die, what the hell. That Draugr looks like it drunkenly fell out of bed..or coffin. Or whatever! But it’s very humorous!

Thief of Virtue. WHAT THE HELL.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME? ME? Why do I run around stealing cups and not doing quests?

BECAUSE I CAN. I really enjoy games which let me fundamentally, do what the fuck I want.

And. Guess what? As I write this, Charlie is playing it, as Catface, the khajiit.


I’m a fucking Dovahkiin. Respect.