Citizen X (Gig Review + Photos)

Right. First off sorry I haven’t been very active on here, between work and flu I’ve kinda just wanted to vegetate.

Monday I got asked to do some photos for local band Citizen-X, which are a kinda ska/indie piece, line-up including Birmingham music and poetry veterans Louis Campbell and Andrew Bucknall (info on his other current stuff here and here).

So I swanned along to the Adam and Eve and got a few free drinks out of it. It’s a lovely little venue and it isn’t too expensive either.

The band themselves were really enjoyable. I found myself tapping along as I did my photos, stopping occasionally to watch. I think they played a set of about 5-6 songs, as there were other bands playing that night. It is a small venue though, and another bands equipment was at one end of the stage so I could only take pictures from certain angles. The lighting wasn’t terrible though for a smaller venue! The sound, although I think once or twice sounding a bit de-tuned, was fairly clear and consistent all the way through. I honestly left feeling like I had enjoyed it, and would go and catch them again. The downside is I can’t find any info on them on-line, so I can’t really tell you how to look out for them.

I took a little bit of video on my phone, not great quality but hey;

And my photos are here;

 citizen x (10) citizen x (7) citizen x (8) citizen x (9)citizen x (1) citizen x (11) citizen x (12)  citizen x (3)citizen x (13)  citizen x (6)  citizen x (4)