Miccostumes Review – Grell Sutcliff

I was recently approached by Miccostumes to do some pics and review one of their costumes, and I can safely say they are a decent company to work with.
They stock a HUGE range of costumes from a variety of sources. You’ll easily find something you like. They often have competitions and promotions on too, so keep an eye on their website!
I went for a Grell costume as it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.
The costume itself is well made, the set includes coat, shirt, waistcoat, trousers, bow and arm straps. They also gave me the wig to review.
img_1231 img_1230
As far as cosplay trousers and shirts go, they are actually really comfortable! The whole costume feels really well made, and it looks nice on. The fine details are lovely, and it feels sturdy. I would say this one in particular is quite generous in the size though! I went for a Male S size and it’s a little big!
The wig is THICK. I didn’t think it would be so much hair! Which is good, for obvious reasons. It’s quite weighty too. Good quality.
I want to say as well I am incredibly impressed with how fast the company respond and also how fast it shipped to the UK. I would very easily recommend you to buy from Miccostumes as it was overall a pleasant experience and I would buy from them myself. (Well, I already have, I got a a Haikyuu! costume which will be shown in a different post…)
You can find there website here
Facebook here
Instagram here
Happy shopping!!
grell04 grell06

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