The clothing I am reviewing in this post was supplied by Bloodycat but the views expressed in this post are my own.
Also a personal disclaimer? I might be one of the strangest boys you’ll ever meet.10255237_241479702722335_301437109_n

I recently recieved this bumper box of cool stuff from Bloodycat to ramble on about. Trust me, it is worth rambling. The company sell such cool punky items, and it is all at a decent price. Also, the fact they call themselves “unique and unisex” to me is a huge huge selling point, being into androgyny and feeling like fashion should be for whoever likes it.

Anyway, I am sure you wanna see the clothing?

Hat, badge, jumper, ring, bracelet all supplied by Bloodycat.
Bag is Lost Mannequin
Shorts H&M grey concept.
Boots H&M Divided.
Styling/shoots/edits by c-schneider
Makeup by myself (lips and blush in first done by c-schneider)

10250701_241479712722334_833904255_n 10173485_241479706055668_908212147_n 10173328_241479709389001_1167584324_n
1743322_229160403947757_741931068_n 10261902_229155120614952_895527471_n 10178384_229160463947751_827769419_n 10168272_229164623947335_1016864888_n

The hat is really thick wool and the quality is pretty good. It has amazing stretch to it too so should fit all head (and wig) sizes. The blue colouring is so vibrant too!
The jumper is amazingly soft. It feels comfortable, and is nice and long. The material they use on the inside is really really nice and I have a problem with sensitive skin and this was so forgiving! It would be good to cuddle up in on a cold night. It has little logo detailing on the back too!
The ring, is adjustable so it can fit all fingers! Very useful, and the bracelet looks SO COOL I think that is one of my fave things from this, it looks so chunky.

Next up I am looking decidedly more like myself.

Jumper and gloves supplied by Bloodycat.
Trousers H&M grey concept.
Styling/shoots/edits by c-schneider
Makeup by myself

10007528_229183620612102_2053227469453156940_n 10256830_229186653945132_3938100870313499884_n 10247212_229183670612097_3828200584536537167_n
10003942_229183733945424_1746822034614373639_n 10246667_229186640611800_8457533992743769108_n 10155856_229183603945437_9159088190918481199_n

Once again the jumper is really pleasant to wear. So so comfortable, a little shorter than the other, but it doesn’t distract. Has little detailing on the back again, which I do like. The design is simple and neat, and I could imagine high street stores offering a similar thing.
The gloves may be one of the best my hands have ever graced. EVERYTHING IS SO SOFT ON MY SKIN I love it :0. The skull bit is made out of the grippy stuff, giving texture to the design.

Hoodie and socks supplied by Bloodycat.
Shorts H&M grey concept.
Styling/shoots/edits by c-schneider
Makeup by myself

10261988_229189183944879_4192695272267519733_n 1468615_229191027278028_838641106933681501_n 1377082_229189510611513_4186406581918157696_n
1468635_229190997278031_8305765798017206135_n 10255237_241479699389002_941212437_n
Skull hoodie! This is one of my fave items too. It is warm and soft and has useful front pocket. It is the pullover type hoodie, which I always think kinda keeps you a little warmer. The hood size is average (but I am really into big drapy hoods so it is pretty standard!). The socks are cute too, though maybe a bit short on the length for my preference! But very cool design.

Ah though seriously please please take a minute to look at bloodycat cause their stuff is so amazing, and all the punky stuff too is very tempting. Anyone reading? Your wallets are going to suffer, cause if you are anything like me you will want it all.


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