Black Sclera Lens Review

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Today I have these amazing sclera lenses from Blackscleracontactlenses to review. The company they came from was amazing, they shipped from Europe and were super fast and really good with communication. I would seriously consider buying from these guys if you need something quick and affordable! They also have a facebook page here!

I recieved my lenses with a couple of lens cases, one made for sclera which is super handy, and some solution. These ones are called Saberooth and these exactly are here!

The specs are:

  • dia; 22mm
  • bc; 8.6mm
  • lifespan; 1 year


IMG_9013 IMG_9014 IMG_9017  IMG_9011 IMG_9015

The lenses themselves are Phantasee brand, and as you can see come in such cute packaging! You get instructions too for anyone new to contatcs!

IMG_9016 IMG_9018
IMG_9019 IMG_9023
Now, it did take me a while to get the lenses in, as it was my first time using sclera. There is a bit of a knack to it I found but once you find your way of doing it, it’s easy to do! To make it a little more interesting I did some makeup to do a demon thing! Wanna see some pictures?

IMG_9024 IMG_9027

Now I wore these for a while, on Omegle too and they stayed comfortable all night. These will definitely come in handy for Halloween costumes. They were really easy to remove too. The case that is provided fir the sclera is very handy too as the lenses are bigger. I’ll put some pictures underneath!

Comfort: 4/5
Very easy to wear!

Appearance: 5/5
Will stand out in a crowd!

Enlarging: 4/5
22mm does show a bit of the white of the eye sadly but they do work well!

IMG_9031 IMG_9034 IMG_9040
IMG_9033 IMG_9094 IMG_9060
IMG_9085 IMG_9104
IMG_9114 IMG_9115
As a bonus I ended up using them for a bit of an Uta test.
IMG_9123 IMG_9139


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