About 1000014



  • Gemini/Tiger
  • 80’s Child
  • British/Midlands
  • Photographer
  • Cosplayer
  • Alternative Whatever

Hello! I am Damien Ferne. I live in the UK with my fiancé. Fundamentally I am a goth bloke.

I have been told I am an eccentric, an eclectic, and apparently, a chameleon.

I take photos of live artists. Nothing quite beats that atmosphere.

Interested in playing dress up & cosplay and I have been going to events since 2005. I mainly cosplay Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz fame. Playing with make-up is fun.

I am fond of red wine and good food. I have a terrible sweet tooth.

I like demonology and the occult. I kind of follow Luciferianism.

If you couldn’t tell, I adore androgyny.

I like to travel places! I feel I haven’t been enough places.

I enjoy getting tattooed (I have 11) with more planned.

I love to learn languages. I’m a Playstation nerd. I like to sketch things. I like stand up comedy. I rarely watch TV. I love films though; I do love horror and B-movies most. I love live events. I love singing to things.

The macabre inspires my style, but I always find its hard to pin point it.

I like to try to be unique. I have extensive music tastes ranging from Japanese music, to 80s electro, to gangster rap.

Expect on my blog to see makeup tests, gig shoots, any shoots I do for people, reviews of things I find and probably the occasional rant.