Wig Review Post

Sorry I have been meaning to do other things and I have already slacked on my Sunday thing I am  a bad blogger lol anyway..I wanted to get a review in of all the wigs that arrived from Taobao recently! I have taken very bad pics of myself in all of them, sorry! But I just got so excited I had to try them on.

I use Taobaonow as shipping company from Taobao, recommended to me by Charlie, they seem to be the easiest company to use. They are really friendly too!

Also these were damn cheap.

The shops I have brought from are:

FML Cosplay
xiaolaoshu1122 (which is Lucialle)

tumblr_n1ixsjPdMS1rps2h3o6_1280 1622719_225713050965667_1923393486_n
Both of these are from Lingyisun. The quality is fantastic to be honest. The original image of the brown one showed it to be a little more orange though, sadly. But I would say that is the only fault from this shop. The blue wig, I CANNOT STRESS enough how GOOD the quality of this is. The gradient effect is done beautifully, and it is only going to need a bit of trimming. This has easily shot upto one of the best wigs I own.

This one is from FML cosplay. It is thick but needs a bit of playing with to get both sides to flair out. (For the character I have in mind it’ll need trimming too, but which wigs don’t?). It also seems a bit blonde in certain light.

1654408_225728130964159_1350321301_n 1899957_225736194296686_764541255_n (1)
The blue wig again is FML cosplay, the colour is gorgeous, but will need a fair bit of styling to sit right. The black one above is from lingyisun and whilst perhaps it isn’t the best wig in this bulk, it is really good value for money.

1902720_225740097629629_456607615_n (1) 1656169_225861357617503_1915047710_n
The top bob is FML cosplay again, and doesn’t quite look the same as the image, but it is a really nice wig for dressing up sake. The top side parting is xiaolaoshu1122; Charlie had one of these for cosplay and it is such a gorgeous wig I had to get one for having sake. The quality and thickness is amazing. The last wig is at the bottom, and worn in the outfit I have posted. It can pretty much be styled by playing with it, as you can see, it is pretty cool. That one is xiaolaoshu1122 also.

Seriously all in all there are some amazing wigs now sitting in my wig box. I would love to order more…

Yelp Event – “Stitches and Hos”

Firstly I want to apologise that this is a little late. I have come down with a cold/cough and feeling a little under the weather. I also have to write about our trip to London which happened ages ago but..yeah. Life has been a little stressful recently but that’s why I am going to write about all the FUN things we have been upto!

IMG_2553 IMG_2558
Me and Charlie got invited to a Yelp event promoting Stitches and Hos knitting/sewing circle, along with Vedett beer. The event was hosted by Cherry Red’s which is a pretty amazing venue hidden away in Birmingham. We sat at the back sharing a table with a lovely couple who we pretty much got chatting to all night! There were amazing cherry cupcakes, I think it was one of the tastiest cupcakes I ever ate in my life.

IMG_2562 IMG_2554
The Stitches and Hos guys were really nice, friendly and most importantly patient with us lot who had never touched wool before. We got to make pom poms using some…device for making pom poms. I actually found that really relaxing to do, and I am tempted to pick up one of the things to sit and wrap wool around it! I never would of thought I would of enjoyed it, but I gave it a go and proved myself wrong!

Vedett beer. Now I am not a big beer/lager drinker, so I couldn’t compare the taste to anything. But I can say I actually DID like it. It was really light and refreshing, would of really complimented a curry haha! We also had our photos taken to be put on the actual beer bottles…so who knows, you might see our faces on some beer one day.

After the event we stayed around for another beer (Vedett of course!) and honestly I would say I would happily go again to the venue, I’d probably go knitting too, I mean it might come in handy one day?  Also, excuse my mainly hidden face, I had just come from work. Also free hat!

IMG_2565 IMG_2556

Sunday Service: Bats

My Sunday service posts are basically a run down of interesting finds from various shops over the week. This one will be a themed post, on bats! I really love bats and Halloween things and there seems to be a fair amount still in the shops! A few of these are in the sale which is even better isn’t it?

image1xl $(KGrHqUOKpgFGNMf,q7KBSV9SBJZ9!~~60_12 image1xl (1) 71108-b SONY DSC BATS-MENS-TEE_grande 16U18EWHT_normal 08N48EOGE_normal

Links to buy these!

1. Bat Jumper
2. Bat Raglan
3. Bat and Pump Vest
4. Bat Onesie
5. Bat Racerback
6. Bat Tee (Print also in jumper and vest!)
7. Bat Treggings
8. Bat Socks

Have you found any interesting bat clothing?

Sunday Service: H&M Grey Concept

Sunday service is going to be a scheduled weekly post I do (on a Sunday, obviously!), showing all the interesting clothing pieces I have found over the week.
This week I am going to be focusing on H&M’s Grey Concept. I have picked this one first due to the fact the H&M store I work in have decided I am the Grey Concept ambassador due to wearing it so much! If you are into more unusual pieces, Korean style and “Goth Ninja” I would say check out this concept. A lot of the pieces have much more unusual cuts and shapes than the average high street shops (in the UK). Also I would say a lot of it can be worn unisex.


Links to buy these!

1.Drape Cardigan
2.Skull Tee
3.Platform Sneakers
4.Long Cardigan
5.Hooded Cardigan
6.Harem Chinos
7.Hooded Vest
8.Draped Jacket
9.Leather Sleeved Cardigan
10.Asymmetrical Vest
11.Flag Jumper
12.Drop Vest